Who are we?

Brijuni Panorama

Our company has been operating for 15+ years, so we came to the conclusion to offer our services in this way as well through the website.

In those years, we have gained a lot of experience where each of our guests can leave the boat after the trip satisfied.

From excursions in our offer we have: 

  • Sails like a president is named so because of the professional crews, professional guides and newer boats that provide comfort and safety in sailing.
  • A panoramic tour of all 14 islands of Brijuni National Park lasting 1.30 minutes with the option of staying on the island of St. Jerolim, which is also part of the National Park of Brijuni. which is open to the public with an offer of beautiful beaches and a restaurant that has a rich offer and affordable prices.
  • Private rides that include all our offers or services that we offer for a person, so it can be for private one or for several people (private boat rental).
Our value

Live, laugh, relax while wading

Sailing along the coast, we discover the magic of Brijuna, feeling that this natural beauty is a priceless value for us. Our value is reflected in our respect for this treasure of nature, every moment of which is transformed into a deep connection with the environment.

Our vision

Our vision is to create unforgettable boating experiences that will deeply connect people with the natural beauty of Brijuna, providing them with an insight into the richness of the island's ecosystem.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable visitors to explore and appreciate the magic of Brijuna through responsible sightseeing, promoting awareness of the preservation and preservation of this precious natural treasure for future generations.

As far as your eyes can see

Enjoy the view of the Adriatic Sea